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Chemical Name:

Synonym: MTES

Chemical Structure:

Typical Physical Properties:

Chemical Name:
CAS No.:
Molecular Weight:
Boiling Point:
142°C [760mmHg]
Flash Point:
Color and Appearance:
Colorless clear liquid
Density [25°C]:
Refractive Index [25°C]:
1.3832 [25°C]
99.0% by GC


Organosilanes basic structure is RnSi(OR)4-n, wherein "R" is an alkyl, aryl, or other organofunctional group and "OR" is a methoxy, ethoxy, or acetoxy group.

YokoSil™ M1E, an alkylalkoxysilane is an important component in sol-gel system. It is a colorless liquid.


As a crosslinking agent for room temperature cured silicone rubber, coupling agent for glass fiber and SiO2, a strengthing treatment agent for plastic-layer pressing material.

YokoSil™ M1M reacts very readily with water, YokoSil™ M1E reacts slower with water than YokoSil™ M1M.

The most common alkoxy crosslinkers are methoxy or ethoxy silanes due to their high reactivity. The reaction precedes by nucleophilic substitution usually in the presence of acid or base catalysts. Alkoxides react directly with silanols or with water to produce silanols. The newly formed silanols can react with other alkoxides or self-condense to produce a siloxane bond and water. When an acid catalyst is used, protonation of the alkoxysilane increases the reactivity of the leaving group. When a base catalyst is used, deprotonation of the silanol forms a reactive silonate anion. The by-product of the reaction is an alcohol. Common metal catalysts for these reactions are alkoxytitanium derivatives and dibutyltin dicarboxylates.

Packing: Net weight 210L steel drum or 1000L IBC container, for more details, please visit Packing Centre.

Storage:In the unopened container it has a shelf life of at least 12 months.

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